Pristine Safaris is a Pune based organization, which has been involved in organizing and executing holidays, for people who are passionate about travelling. The organisers themselves are very keen travelers and, have been travelling far and wide to explore the astounding wilderness of India for the last 15 years.

Traveling is not a hobby for us, but a passion.. and our endeavor is to take it to the next level!

After spending several years on field, in various wildlife abodes across India, we came to a realization of converting this passion to our profession, and that brought about a change. We like to innovate, and design holidays differently.

While travelling extensively across the country with the urge to understand the region and its wildlife, people and their culture, and also understanding the needs and necessities, to design and organise tours, for all our esteemed guests, to make their holiday very special! Our deep understanding of the client’s special interests and needs, helps us to design the tour and look into the finer details, so that the purpose of the travel is addressed to, and hence we have clients who repeatedly travel with us!

Guests on our journeys, are accompanied by a tour leader, who would be an expert at different aspects of tour handling along with a vast knowledge for attending to all the queries, be it related to wildlife, culture or food, or something else, as well as a lot of other experience sharing. And the best part is, that there is going to be a lot of knowledge and experience sharing, along with some great humor!

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Kaustubh Mulay

Kaustubh Mulay

Naturalist and wildlife Photographer

" I believe in ‘Doing what I enjoy, rather than enjoying what I do’.. Over the last 15 years. I have been working in different Tiger reserves as a naturalist, and also travel with various wildlife tours as a tour leader. I learn a lot everyday, about the Indian wildlife, as I keenly watch and observe different species. With better understanding of client handling on tours, I believe it’s my time to help our guests achieve their wildlife exploration goals in a pristine way! "

Yogesh Deshmukh

Yogesh Deshmukh

Operations and Logistics

“ Travelers can achieve their exploration goals fast and properly only when they are backed up with proper and reliable services. After spending 15 years in the travelling industry domestic and international l have learnt what suits best for a particular budget without compromising the quality of services! ”

Anup Deodhar

Anup Deodhar

International award winning wildlife photographer

“ I am a self-taught wildlife photographer and i love to share and learn different techniques in wildlife photography. Exploring wildlife in various tiger reserves and national parks has always excited me. You never know what is kept for you the moment you enter the jungles ,and that's the beauty of nature which makes you come again and again in the jungles. Mother Nature has always something exciting and thrilling to show you in her pristine way ”