Wildlife In India

India is a bio diversity rich country, occupying over 2.5% of world's landmass. Of the 190 countries in the world, 17 countries hold about 70% of the biodiversity, of which India is one country. Which make India a 'Megadiverse' country, being home to about 8% of the species found across the world.

It is also the only country to have five large cats. The Royal Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Lion, Indian Leopard, Snow Leopard and the elusive Clouded Leopard!

The Mighty Himalayas in the north and east, the Desert in the west, the rich forests in the North East, and more than 6000km of coastline, border this landmass to form India! The Western and Eastern Ghats that border these coastlines play an important role in the diverse landscapes, wildlife, and culture of these regions. The warm waters of the Indian Ocean and the salty Arabian sea create a the amazing reefs at the Lakshadweep Islands, Whereas to the east, the fresh water that saturates the Bay of Bengal, create the world's largest Delta, and the Island formation is in itself a biodiversity hotspot! These geographical features have had tremendous influence on the diversity of wildlife in the Oceans.

Anyone who is interested in Natural History, India offers a wide selection of destinations to visit, and that is what makes it irresistible for natural history explorers!

Best Season: October to June
Popular Location: Ranthambore,Bandhavgarh,Tadoba,
Kanha,Pench,Jim Corbett